Brian's 35th Birthday Bash!

El Conquistador is officially an old fart!




















Okay, I guess it all started on the actual day of my birthday, Thursday August 18th. I woke up to find my girlfriend's decorations along with a card, gift, and a breakfast consisting of Krispy Kreme Donuts and a mocha cappucino on my dining room table. It was really sweet! I had the day off work and ran a few errands, but managed to find time to squeeze in a lunch of sushi at Todai Buffet with my friend, Mindi (the H.B.I.C.). Besides the wonderful sushi, there was an eggplant salad to die for. The night of my birthday, Roni and I went out to dinner at Ballyhoo's, a local dive known for their great seafood and laid back atmosphere. As I had plenty of seafood ahead of me for my birthday weekend, I indulged in a burger. The day after my birthday, I didn't do much until the evening - which was the evening of my party. We had a turnout of around 10, and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Roni and I really enjoyed the sushi, including a new roll to my tastebuds - the Tuna Summer Of Love roll, which had rice paper instead of nori wrapping a blend of spicy tuna and I believe marinated tuna as well. It was delicious. We both loved the Endless Summer Roll, which blended the eel and banana tempura into a delight for the senses. Roni and my friend both agreed it was the best sushi they've ever tasted...even my friend Carolyn took a plunge and tried some sushi for the first time. The birthday cake was a chocolate cheesecake torte that Roni carefully picked out, and we also split a slice of SB's famous tempura fried cheesecake. I received some really cool gifts: a decorative bamboo plant, gift certificates from Target / Wal-Mart / Samurai Blue / Todai, t-shirts of the FDNY & Blondie, the new anniversary edition DVD of The Shawshank Redemption, and some others. The party continued Saturday night, as Roni and I went to Downtown Disney and partied 'til 2am. We danced, shopped, ate at Wolfgang Puck's...and even got our caricature drawn. It was a great birthday. Thanks to everybody who came, and thanks for the kind wishes of my readers.