My favorite links page - my own!

Click on the link to the left to check out a variety of books on sushi!

Click on either picture below to purchase the great sushi products at!

The Sushi World Guide

Let's Eat Sushi - a new informative page by loyal reader Jeff. - a great site with instructional videos, a glossary, a sushi store, and much more!

World Wide Restaurant Reference Site

Interested in the history of sushi? Click here!

Seigi Yone makes great sushi boats!

Sushi Links - a cool link page that's both pleasing to the eye and informative for the sushi researcher!

What Is Sushi? - Sushi 101; an excellent site!

The Sushi Guide has an excellent tutorial about rolling your own sushi; definitely worth checking out.

Learn2EatSushi - pretty self explanatory, if you ask me.

The Ultimate Guide to Sushi

Hide's Icons - sushi icons for your desktop. I also found some more sushi icons here.

California Gourmet Sushi - soon to be selling frozen sushi. Check it out; it sure beats Swanson's fried chicken, I'm sure.

AFC Sushi - responsible for selling wonderfully packaged sushi trays in supermarkets across the U.S.

Lakeshore Learning Materials - among the wonderful baby products, they have a playset of sushi. You gotta see it to believe it - I ordered a set myself (I'll see if my son, Gabe, responds to it).

Get cool sushi candles!

A great gift idea - wind-up walking sushi!

Sushi fabric gifts

Asian Variety Online - a wonderful new way to get your Oriental groceries.

Check out these great sushi gifts at Japanese!

The California Sushi Academy

Tokyo Food Page - sushi sound effects?!?

Julie's Sushi Page

April's Sushi Bar - a great page, including recipes for "White Trash Sushi" which is hysterical!

Digital Sushi

The Art Of Sushi

Bites Of Asia - great site for delightful Japanese recipes...along with Chinese, Thai, and other Asian cuisine.

Kirin Beer - one of my favorite imports! A perfect complement to a great meal of sushi!

Altoids - an after-sushi necessity (especially if you are on a date)!