The F.A.Q. Page


That's what my page has been missing since its start - an F.A.Q. Page (its rather short now, but I intend to add on later)! For the curious, or curiously bored, here's a little about me and my page.

Q: What future plans do you hold for the sushi page?

A: Well, this web page has been, for the lack of a better term, an ongoing project since its start in 1999. I am always looking for ways to improve the site, via reader suggestions and my own creativity. I would like to actually register a domain, so the difficult URL address would be a thing of the past. I'd also like to have a major design overhaul done, by way of newer art programs. Promotion is also a goal, by way of desktop wallpapers (to proudly display on your office computers) & other "free" ways to get the word out on the page. Merchandise may be too much of a hassle, and a waste of time since this is not a commercial venture. However, I would like to explore the idea of the occasional contest to interest new readers & common visitors alike to "stay tuned". By all means, e-mail me with your ideas!

Q: How can I receive updates on the page?

A: E-mail me, and I'll create a specific list for new postings. Also, you may click on the update option on one of the Tripod "pop-up" ads. Years ago, I made the "webmaster rookie" mistake of e-mailing updates to anybody who e-mailed me a question or signed my guestbook...and obviously it proved to be invasive. I try to add something to the page once a week, or atleast once a month...which of course depends on the volume of e-mails I receive in a given month.

Q: Can you give me some suggestions for learning to make sushi at home?

A: I get this question often...and my answer is often the same - research, research, research! It really depends if you want to prepare sushi professionally (as a career change), or just do it leisurely at home to entertain guests. For the latter, there's a variety of different avenues - community college courses, books, local clubs & organizations. Check local ads in the papers, especially alternative publications like Creative Loafing or The Village Voice, for classes and clubs. My sushi class was provided by the company AFC, who makes sushi for several supermarkets in the U.S...and was held in a supermarket complete with classrooms equipped with kitchens. For those of you who want to become true sushi chefs, The California Sushi Academy has received alot of publicity about their program. Check out my links page for a variety of different pages for sushi instruction.

Q: Okay, Brian, we get the love sushi! What are your other hobbies & interests?

A: Outside of family, my number one passion, sushi aside, is film...which is the main reason why I incorporated the film review and Oscar picks into the sushi page. I'm a huge fan of the mafia genre, which is why my favorite movie of all time is The Godfather, part II...and my current favorite television show is The Sopranos. My main hobby is collecting DVDs for my growing collection, and I try to go to le cinema when I can. Needless to say, family life put a dent in that somewhat. I also enjoy music, though not at the extent it was through high school and college. I listen to 80s music and classic rock mostly...but I have a special fondness for jazz (trio improvisational style, not big band), and a new appreciation for opera. My favorite groups & artists are Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Blondie, Melissa Etheridge, Van Halen, & Neil Diamond...among others. Although I'm not a huge sports fan, I do avidly watch my hometown team, The Bucs...and I love to watch international football (soccer) and Australian Rules Football when I can.

Q: When did you start eating sushi?

A: My father, who really introduced me to it, started giving me pieces as a young child. Back then, I'd spit it out and go "yuk!". It wasn't until a teenager that I tried it with an open mind...and then I was hooked. Well, not exactly...years of college and barely making ends meet as a single young professional made it difficult to enjoy sushi. In my mid 20s, however, I picked up where I left off...and that's probably when I adopted it as my favorite food.